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Foreboding: Reaching Out

I think I was glad in the end to catch sight of my car where I had left it. The path through this forest was very undefined in places, it looks seldom frequented. There were signs of past life along the way; “there was gold in them there hills”, and the remains of mine activity is seen.

I will have to do one of the other walks around the park to see if I get the same foreboding impression. There is one that says the grade is hard, it follows the course of a river, I might try that next time.


Foreboding 3: Reaching Out (2016)

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Foreboding: The Dry Creek Bed

The walk I was taking in Stieglitz Historic Park is called the Native Youth Walk, I am yet to find out why it is called that. Only 5.5Km but with some very steep sections to negotiate, it is graded as Moderate difficulty. One steep section was to cross this creek.  It has been particularly dry this year, but I suspect that this creek has not seen water for far longer than that.

Foreboding 2: Dry Creek Bed (2016)

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A Sense of Foreboding: Tunnel Vision

This new set of images comes from a walk I did recently in Stieglitz Historic Park, part of the Brisbane Ranges, Victoria Australia.

The walk somehow gave me a sense of foreboding, the ancient trees, some of them burnt from bushfire, the unclear path in places and the eerie silence that accompanied me all didn’t help. So I thought I would try to recreate those feelings in the images.

Foreboding 1: Tunnel Vision (2016)

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Distant Moon

A distant moon with forested craters.

Rather a granite rock covered in lichen. Lichen is not a plant but has a symbiotic relationship with fungi & algae. There are nearly 20,000 species of lichen which cover approximately 6% of the earths surface. It is slow growing, at 0.5mm per year on average. That makes these specimens somewhere over 100 years old.

Distant Moon (2016)

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Looking Up

A final shot from Anakie Gorge as I make my way back along the track. There are 2 or 3 other tracks in and around the gorge, so I will be back to explore some more another time.

Looking Up (2016)

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Behind the Wall

I scaled the steep slope to the side of the Lower Stony Creek Reservoir dam wall in the Brisbane Ranges (Vic), to get a shot of the actual reservoir and was not sure what I would find. But now I know, the reservoir looks unused today. In fact on research, it was decommissioned in 1999 and the three Upper Stony Creek Reservoirs have taken its place.

Behind the Wall (2016)

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